Singleton & Partners connects you with your audience where they are using programmatic engagement that captures your target. The definition of multicultural marketing has expanded to include more than just African Americans and Hispanics. Today it encompasses a vast group of individuals that do not identify as mainstream. Multicultural marketing is more than just a catchy phrase—it’s about creating a customized marketing approach that will reach the intended audience in all stages of life.


Strategic Consulting

Being an effective consulting team means understanding the target audience and staying relevant with ever-changing trends in advertising content and technology. We can consult with your team on projects of any size.



Media Planning and Buying

Today’s consumer is information rich and time poor. They consume media differently, and our buyers understand how technology influences media consumption. At Singleton & Partners, we understand that it takes a customized strategic approach to achieve desired results in the market. We will leverage years of buying power with each medium to secure the prevailing competitive rates for each client.


Visual Communications

This is where the magic happens and ideas come to life. Innovative aesthetics and creative concepts are used to engage the consumer with products or services. We employ a team of graphic designers who create visually stunning work.


Digital Media

This is one of the most important and misunderstood tools of today’s marketing industry. Digital media cuts through the clutter and delivers your messages to your audience on several platforms of media consumption. Our expert team is certified in digital ad operations and qualified to handle multimillion-dollar campaigns.


Strategic Communications

Managing your public relations campaign takes more than writing a press release. Our versatile writing skills, aptitude for social media strategies, and ability to communicate technical and complex subject matters has proved consistently successful for our clients.


Event Management

Our event planning services consist of coordinating every detail of meetings and conventions, from organizing the speakers and meeting location to arranging for printed materials and audio-visual equipment.


Promotions/Community Outreach

Promotions and community outreach have long been at the core of multicultural marketing. Through these initiatives, your brand can begin to build a trust relationship with your audience.