Media Buying Case Study: The Ohio Lottery Commission

Posted on Sep 9, 2015 |

Overview :

Media Buying Case Study: The Ohio Lottery Commission

Singleton & Partners is currently the out-of-home media buying agency for the Ohio Lottery Commission (OLC). In conjunction with Marcus Thomas LLC, Singleton & Partners works diligently to provide premium media buying services to the Lottery.


In order to promote lottery messages to all Ohioans, the Ohio Lottery wanted to place a variety of media throughout the state, specifically through out-of-home campaigning. Singleton & Partners used traditional avenues while also recommending new innovative ways to reach existing lottery players and attract a new audience. The out-of-home campaign complements other media that the Ohio Lottery is buying. It is extremely important for a retail product to advertise out-of-home and specifically utilize point-of-purchase media.

Singleton & Partners has placed a variety of out-of-home media including transit, billboards, mall advertisements and point-of-purchase. Each medium provides a different different opportunity to connect with Ohio lottery players.

Singleton & Partners has successfully placed a variety of out-of-home media in the first year of the contract. Through market research and innovative recommendations, Singleton & Partners is consistently helping the Ohio Lottery reach their consumers.

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